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25/04/2017 - Visita to CAN FELIU

Visita to CAN FELIU

On Friday the 25th April the first year students of Agricultural Production made a visit to the Can Feliu farm, in Campllong. The person in charge, Mr. Xavier Codina, explained to the students the different irrigation systems used for the production of forage intended for feeding the dairy cows. Can Feliu irrigates 120 hectares where they produce a double annual cropping of either ryegrass or barley, and corn. The irrigation systems used are: Center pivot, traveller, solid set, and drip irrigation. Mr. Xavier Codina showed how to use the technology applied to irrigation systems for control and optimization of water use. Another important aspect is the direct sowing of corn after a precision work to uncompactate the soil. Other examples are the use of GPS to the workings of the crops: planting, fertilization, irrigation, and harvesting. Students with this visit have found that the innovation and continuous evolution of agriculture make us to live the reality so called precision agriculture. From school, we thank to Can Feliu and Mr. Xavier Codina their kindness and time that has enabled us to experience this interesting visit. The school, we thank Can Feliu and Mr. Xavier Codina for their kindness and time which has allowed having the experience of this interesting visit.

25/04/2017 - Visita to the Planta de Compostatge els Sots

Visita to the Planta de Compostatge els Sots

On Friday the 25th of April, the first year students of gardening made a visit to the composting plant ELS SOTS in Centelles. Mr. Josep Padrós explained to students the origin of the organic material used in the composting process for the formation of the final products: the compound intended for farming or gardening. It is worth noting that the composting plant uses a system with both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, which reduces the number of turns of the piles to be done, reduces odours and it improves the process. The school, we thank ELS SOTS and Mr. Josep Padrós for their kindness and time which has allowed having the experience of this interesting visit.

+ info: http://elssots.com/

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+ info: https://firaestudiant2017.wixsite.com/firaestudiantmanresa

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+ info: http://formadiba.diba.cat/web/sites/default/files/public_resources/wiki_prod/manuals_basics/096PTMJ/index.html

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On March the 14th, in accordance with the training program established for students studying the second course of agricultural production, and after studying the subject "Beef Production", the students visited Mas Barbats in Casserres (El Berguedà). Mas Barbats is an agricultural and livestock farm in which the beef cattle herd has a central place. Mr. Ramon Pellicer, who is in charge of the farm, he responded the questions asked by the students, and he showed them the livestock, facilities and machinery of the farm. Some of the highlights of the visit are: The controls and morphological and behaviour features of the “Bruna dels Pirineus” breed, the organization and reproduction’s control, the grouping and supervision of births, the health management and control, the feeding planning of the herd that includes transhumance to different areas of Alt Berguedà, Solsonès and Pallars Sobirà. In addition to breeding calves, Mas Barbats also does other activities, such as raising calves, raising pigs, breeding chickens, producing cereals and fodder mostly destined for own consumption and also activities of agrotourism. Another important fact is that Mas Barbats markets its production through the Cooperativa Ramaders de Muntanya del Berguedà. The school, we thank Mas Barbats and Mr. Ramon Pellicer for their kindness and time which has allowed having the experience of this interesting visit.

+ info: http://www.barbats.com/

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+ info: http://www.vtequips.com/blog/

24/03/2017 - Lawn’s regeneration

Lawn’s regeneration

Friday, March the 24th, the second-year students of gardening took a day of practical Lawn’s regeneration. At the School`s gardens, they prepared, mowed, verticutted and scarifyed dethatched, removed the thatch, turf aerated (with tubular tines), removed the cylindrical soil plugs, overseeded, topdressed (the covering of the seed with resowing soil), rolled, and finally watered lightly. In addition to various craftworks, students used different machinery specialized for each task: mower, verticutter, dethatcher, turf aerator, trailer dealer of the dressing material, and roller. It turned out that the next day it snowed and then it rained and the temperatures dropped. We hope that in the next days, the expected temperature recovery and the land ripe contributes to the germination and Lawn’s emerge. Living a practical experience is something irreplaceable, something that improves the learning process and provides new perspectives on the theory taught in the classroom.

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