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28/03/2019 - Student Visit in Mas Pujol de la muntanya

Student Visit in Mas Pujol de la muntanya

The 1º students of GM of “Aprovechamiento y Conservación del Medio Natural” visited the Mas Pujol de la muntanya studios. In the visit, they worked and went into detail about country house management and the beginnings of vegetal health. Juan Marfil was responsible who explained to us the different topics related to the centenary chestnut management and the beginnings of vegetal health.

27/03/2019 - Student visit Aricoforest

Student visit Aricoforest

Thursday, 27th of March, we visited with 2º students of “Superior de Gestión Forestal” the Aricoforest company installations in Les Preses. During the visit, the manager Antoni Arimany (Quintanes’s ex-student) explained to us how he managed, starting from almost nothing, to open a company dedicated in works about forestry, gardening and roads maintenance; how it is organized and how they manage to control it. And, how the company has been able to consolidate and enlarge. He also told us about Aricoforest bet by the use of alternative energy like sunlight and electric vehicle. The students could see the Aricoforest’s machinery part and its installations.

27/03/2019 - Visits to the school

Visits to the school

This March some students of Olot's Escuela PIA, who are currently studying PFI: “Programa de Formación e Inserción Forestal (Education program and forestal insertion) have visited us. The studies are made for young people from 16 to 21 year old who weren’t able to get ESO. The visit was leaded by Marta Domènech, Forestry engineering of the Ripollès’s regional office.

11/03/2019 - Escola 4 vents in Manlleu. An intensive day of practice!

Escola 4 vents in Manlleu. An intensive day of practice!

2o GM students of Gardening with Jordi Rosell and Toni Martorell, both practice teachers, have built the Escola 4 vents garden in Manlleu. The garden was designed by Carles Lorca and Manuel Vicente. The idea was about combining in the same area what each wind could provide to the school: a forest, a vegetable patch, an aromatic labyrinth and a sandbox where the kids could play. It was a great challenge! The students had to manage the replant, material and plant supply, and its execution with a closed budget. Thanks to the support of Albert Mas, who allow them to use his little excavator, the project was able to finish in a day. A complete success!

07/03/2019 - Visit to the Hospital Clínic Veterinari UAB, CRESA and Facultat de Veterinària - UAB Barcelona

Visit to the Hospital Clínic Veterinari UAB, CRESA and Facultat de Veterinària - UAB Barcelona

On Tuesday 7 March, 2o GS de Ramaderia i Assistència en Sanitat Animal students visited the Hospital Clínic Veterinari UAB. Our students could see the different areas assigned to animal treatment, either small, big or exotic animals. Whereas CRESA, health service animal’s laboratory, has as objective, in a general sector, researching and technologic development, studies and education in all the aspects of animal health. The students could see how does work a laboratory with biocontainment of Level 3 (NBS3). The visits were very enriching and motivational for our students.

01/03/2019 - Agricultural machinery visits in Can Fraser I Juscafresa

Agricultural machinery visits in Can Fraser I Juscafresa

On Thursday, 28 February, the 2o students of GM in Agriculture and Livestock Production made two student visits to complement the study machinery plan. In the morning, they visited Can Fraser de Aiguaviva where Mr Jordi Aulet explained us all the machinery they have, putting any kind of details about use, maintenance, failure, production, comparing between brand, price, profitability and so on. However, in the afternoon they visited Juscafresa company in Camallera where Juscafresa family explained us and show us everything regarding the design, manufacturing, assembly and commercialization about all their products, which they principally are spreaders trailers, UNIFEED trailers, platforms, zero grazers, etc. So, we want to express our gratitude to both company for their availability and good treatment towards us.

28/02/2019 - EFA Quintanes school welcome a visit of a French secondary school for the program development

EFA Quintanes school welcome a visit of a French secondary school for the program development

On Thursday, 28 February the school received the visit of three teachers from Lycee & CFPPA of Guingamp-Kernilis de Plouisy Bretaña (France). This secondary school (Lycee) is putting into practice a program of Erasmus. The objective of the visit was to know the school and its professional training methodology in Catalunya and set up a future collaboration between both schools in order to exchange students and teachers.

18/02/2019 - Visit to SESACOR

Visit to SESACOR

On February 15, the 1o students of GM of Agriculture and Livestock Production visited SESACOR company, dedicated in fattening, importation and exportation of calves and lambs. They work principally with “graze” calves of different breeds like Montbeliarde, Xarolaise, Suïssa, Llemosína and so on. In total, they fatten 5000 heads and when they gain around 720kg of weight, they put them on sale. One of the most important parts was the visit to different installations. They started with the old ones and ended with the latest. Through the visit, the students could see the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Sergi and his father Joan attend us very well and explained us all the questions we had about management, health service, commercialization, etc.

04/02/2019 - Sowing Practices

Sowing Practices

On 30 and 31 January, the 2o students of GM “Producció Agropecuària” practiced a sowing trial. It has been market 12 smallholdings with different types of barley and one of wheat. The practice goes especially for the study of seeders, Maintenance, use, calibration, and so on. Once all the lessons are done. The sowing trial starts.

22/01/2019 - Student Visit with 1o students of CFGM of Gardening

Student Visit with 1o students of CFGM of Gardening

On Tuesday 22 January, the 1o students of CFGM of Gardening visited Parcs I Jardins de Catalunya, SL. In this company they produce, build and design gardens, as well as their maintenance. In addition to this, they design and plan playgrounds and play areas over Catalunya. Parcs I Jardins de Catalunya is a leader company of gardening and environment in Catalunya.

22/01/2019 - Student visit with 1o students of CFGM “Producció Agropecuària”

Student visit with 1o students of CFGM “Producció Agropecuària”

Visit to Vernis & Taberner Equips S.L. On the last 18 Friday of January, the 1o students of GM “Producció Agropecuària” visited Vernis & Taberner Equips S.L company in Gurb, dealer of the John Deere brand.

Mr. Manel Lara showed us all and each one of the company’s installations while answering our doubts. When we finished, we took a look at the store and in the exhibition zone of new tractors. Also, we ask all the questions we had prepared before to take good advantage of the visit. The visit pleased a lot all the students. Therefore, we want to thank “Can Vernis” for their predisposition and their excellent treatment that they always give.

11/01/2019 -

On Wednesday, 9 January, the 2o students of CFGM of Gardening visited BrucJardí in the morning and CORMA in the afternoon. In BrucJardí, attended us Francesc Caballero, its manager, and Joan Soler, who is a commercial technic. During the visit, they showed us the different installations explaining the diverse materials that exist to build a garden and the current trend.

In the morning, the students were able to see a lot of inert material, while in the afternoon, they could see thousands of plants in CORMA. Both visits were perfect to get useful information for their student project. We want to thank Francesc and Joan for their attention and well treatment towards us. It’s always a pleasure to visit them.

11/01/2019 - Visit to the Mas La Carrera

Visit to the Mas La Carrera

On January 11th, the Mas La Carrera farm, located in Sant Esteve d'en Bas (La Garrotxa), was visited by the students of the second-year students of the High Degree in Livestock and Animal Health. Mas La Carrera is a family company that currently has about 300 meat cows of different breeds, which fattens calves and markets quality beef products with the Natrus brand. Salvador Carrera, he explained to students the evolution and current operation of the company. Mas La Carrera is a pioneer in the introduction of cows of the Angus breed. This breed is recognized for the quality of its meat. In Mas La Carrera they also do agricultural work on the land. The livestock feed is of their own harvest, and in the case of cows it is based on pastures and forages, in addition to summer cows also transhumance in Ripollès to take advantage of mountain pastures. Cows are provident with an individual identification system and the Global Positioning System, GPS, which includes sensors that help the herd’s management. Feeding fattening calves is a "unifeed" type ration with a high fodder base. Mas La Carrera is a sample of a company that evolves, and undertakes improvement projects. The school, we appreciate Mas La Carrera the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

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