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22/01/2016 -

22/01/2016 -

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16/12/2015 -

16/12/2015 -

10/12/2015 -

The First Middle-Grade Forestry students went to visit the Company FONT at Navàs. Mr. Jesus Font showed them a large group of winches, forestry staples, chippers, shredders and chain saws. They had very different features and brands. They could see ‘in situ’ the new remote control for winches and all security elements that they have been incorporated in this machine and its advantages. Nowadays the work is easier and safer.

10/12/2015 -

08/12/2015 -

+ info: http://fundaciomap.org/

08/12/2015 - Study visit to Cal Bernadàs

Study visit to Cal Bernadàs

On the 1st Tuesday December, the group of students who study the second year of the Superior Degree of Management in Agricultural and Livestock Production, visited the company “Cal Bernadàs”. The main activities of this company are extensive crops, pig fattening, veal fattening, and Agrotourism. This later activity started after the forest fires that occurred in the county in 1994. Then three houses, that had been abandoned, were rehabilitated, and nowadays the Agrotourist activity has become the more important income source of the company. This is why they have been impelled to buy a new piece of Land: one property in Castellterçol (El Munt), which is one Agrotourism house nearer to Barcelona, and to do several continuous improvements in the surroundings areas of the boarding agrotouristic houses, such one paddle ground and playgrounds in every single rural house. In this visit the persons who spoke to us were: Anna (daughter of the owner), their mother (Ramona Casals), and Josep Llorens (who is one worker in the company, and who was a former student in Quintanes School). They all explainer how the company operates, how it started, and the growing process of the touristic activities. A very good visit which is part of the study program framework of the so called “alternative chances in farms”.

20/11/2015 -

12/11/2015 - Visit to Can Toi

Visit to Can Toi

On the 28th October a group of 18 students who study the second year of the Medium Degree in Agricultural and Livestock Production visited the farm Granja Molist-Can Toi, in Sant Martí Sescorts. Ramon Molist, the person in charge of the company, explained us the reproductive cycle and the different stages of the production system. The Granja Molist-Can Toi farm has a capacity of 700 breeding sows, and thanks to their accurate management and genetic improvements reaches a high production level. They have been recognised several times for their continuous improvement, the efficacy, and quality of their production, for instance in latest edition of the awards ceremony of the prestigious so-called “Porc d’Or”, which means “Golden Pig”, when the Molist-Can Toi Farm won the “Bronze Golden Pig” in “Numeric Productivity”. We, the School, thank the Can Toi farm, for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

04/11/2015 -

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