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27/01/2017 -

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24/01/2017 -

20/01/2017 - Visit to the Mas Collfred

Visit to the Mas Collfred

On January the 20th, the second-year students of High Level of Livestock and Animal Health visited the farm MAS COLLFRED in Vidrà, which is a beef cow farm company that produces limousine cattle type, and processes and sells their production. Mr Esteve Anglada and Mr. Ricard Anglada explained the evolution and how the farm operates nowadays. The beef cows, the stock breeding calves, the selected female calves for rearing, sold as future breeding cows, the artisan production of fresh meat, sausages and cooked meal, which they sell in their stores, restaurants, and on the internet directly to individual people. Collfred is an example of a family company which produces quality food, and sells directly from the producer to the consumer We, the School, thank the Anglada family for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

+ info: http://www.collfred.cat

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01/12/2016 - Visit to Mas Isern’dairy Farm

 Visit to Mas Isern’dairy Farm

On December the 1st, the second-year students of medium degree in farming visited the farm Mas Isern in Vic. Mas Isern is a family business that produces milk. The person in charge, Jordi Compte, head of the company, explained the evolution and current operation of the farm. A dairy farm is a type of company with a very high degree of specialization and technology, which requires high professionalism and expertise in many different fields: food security, environment, health, reproduction, feeding, reproduction, facilities, technical and financial management, etc. All these fields are in constant evolution. Mas Isern is an example of a farm that has a long entrepreneurial career in adapt and evolve over time. An example of selection of cattle they do is the use of "sexed semen doses" and "genomics" to select bulls that will be the parents of the future cows. Currently selling milk price are low compared to production cost, sales contracts milk to dairy industries involve production constraints; these facts make the dairy sector lives a moment of uncertainty. We the school thank Mas Isern the opportunity to realize this interesting visit.

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