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23/10/2014 - First year forestry course trip to Vall d 'Aran

First year forestry course trip to Vall d 'Aran

As of late the first year forestry group has gone to the Vall d'Aran at the beginning of each course, and this year has been no exception. This time we were accompanied by Pau, the bus driver and Josep Uroz from Naturepolitan. These days together are a great way to get to know each other and start learning about the subject. The Vall d'Aran is ideal because it's beautiful, close to home and the visits we do are not far apart. During the trip we visited La Seu d'Urgell, Espot and Les Planes se Son. We also hiked in the lovely terrain and took in the nature all around us.

20/10/2014 -

16/10/2014 - Agro-farming technical day

Agro-farming technical day

On 16th of October the first year higher level pig breeding students attended the above training day as part of the 3rd Milk Fair at Vilobí d'Onyar. During the day Mr Francesc Camps, IRTA technician at Mas Badia, gave a presentation about new technology in the sector. We also enjoyed a session with Mr Joan Galí and another with Mrs Cristina Andreu. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the organisation committee for an excellent day and thank them for inviting us.

16/10/2014 - Cupes SCP

Cupes SCP

On 16th October the first year medium level forestry students visited Mr Josep Cuch's business in Cànoves. It is involved in using its 370 hectares of holly oak trees in as positive a way as possible, as well as managing other land. When the trees have been cut down, the wood is taken to be chopped into logs. Josep gave an excellent talk which encouraged the students to continue in the industry and produce high-quality work. The company also conducts guided walks to see the wildlife in the area. Many thanks to Josep.

06/10/2014 - 2014 France trip with the pig breeding course students

2014 France trip with the pig breeding course students

From the 6th to 10th October we took the 20 first year pig breeding students to Tarn and Aveyron in France. The MFR Peyregoux school hosted us and helped us with the many visits we conducted during our stay. It was an intense week during which we learnt a lot about the sector and the students could get to know one another.

02/10/2014 - The tractor: maintenance, control, driving...

The tractor: maintenance, control, driving...

On 2nd and 3rd October we conducted a number of sessions of tractor maintenance and control with the medium level, first year farming students. A total of 20 students were able to participate, using 2 tractors; one a simple model, the other with double traction. It was a positive experience, especially for those who had never driven a tractor before. We're very thankful to an ex-student, Joan Rifà, for running the day and to the teachers who helped him.

01/10/2014 -

01/10/2014 -

29/09/2014 - Visit to Paraire Farm

Visit to Paraire Farm

On 23rd September the first year, superior level pig-breeding students made a fascinating visit to El Soler de N'Hug between Prats de Lluçanès and Navàs. It's a family set-up specialising in milk production and beef and lamb meat. Josep and Abel manage the farm and gave us a detailed explanation of how they work. Many thanks to all the family. elsoler.cat

+ info: http://elsoler.cat/

19/09/2014 - Monitored Gardening work experience

Monitored Gardening work experience

The school year is in full swing here at Quintanes and we've already started the work experience sessions. In the workshop we've learnt how best to use the tools there; items like chainsaws, lawnmowers etc... Out in the fields we've started to look at how best to look after gardens and green zones, as well as design, landscaping and green area conservation. In the laboratory we've studied the material used there and will soon no doubt carry out water and soil analysis.

19/09/2014 - Monitored pig-breeding course work experience

Monitored pig-breeding course work experience

The school year has just started but work experience has begun here at the school. We've learnt how to use the various tools in the workshop and how a tractor and engine work. We've also learnt how to weld and about the different types of agricultural machines. When we go out into the field we use various machinery, learn planting techniques and about everything related to soils. We look closely at the different material used in the laboratory and later on will carry out a water and soil analysis.

19/09/2014 - Monitored forestry work experience

Monitored forestry work experience

The first days of the new course have been and gone and we've already seen students doing work experience here at the school. We've passed by the workshop and learnt how to use the tools there. We've also looked at how to keep the machinery in good working order. When we've been out in the forest areas we've learnt how to cut wood and the best techniques to use. In the laboratory we've studied what material is used there and later on we will conduct a water and soil analysis.

16/06/2014 -

16/06/2014 -

12/06/2014 - Visit of studies Mas Can Panosa

Visit of studies Mas Can Panosa

On June 3 we visited the bee family business Mas Can Panosa. This visit is organized into three parts. In the first, Mr. Ramon Verdaguer gives us an introduction to the world of bees, manage a hive, products we get from bees, division of tasks within a hive, etc.. In the second one we went to see a hive to observe in situ both the different types of bees and the different products you can get: wax, honey, propolis, pollen ... In the third parties we participate in extracting honey from a frame. Ramon took the opportunity to explain us the different types of honey found what transhumance ago, permission to undertake beekeeping business and some current regulations.

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