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14/03/2013 - Study visit to Jardí Pond

Study visit to Jardí Pond

On the 14th March the second year medium-level Gardening students visited the facilities of Jardí Pond in Terrassa. On the visit we could see and touch a whole selection of objects used in the world of gardening: soils, wood, paving, statues, rubber, pebbles ... It really was an open-air exhibition of different materials that all professionals should see.

12/03/2013 - VE/TP Pujalt Observatory

VE/TP Pujalt Observatory

On the 12th March the first year students of the higher-level Pig Breeding management and organisation course visited the Pujalt observatory where they did different activities on a tour guided by the meteorologist Albert Borras. We studied different types of meteorological equipment, visited parts of the facility, and learnt about the relationship with agriculture and the aspects involved in weather prediction. We also looked at how to make a climate study and carried out experiments in order to understand meteorological processes better. A great, fun day all thanks to Mr Borras.

12/03/2013 -

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12/03/2013 - The different parts and calibration of a phytosanitary (pesticide spraying) machine

The different parts and calibration of a phytosanitary (pesticide spraying) machine

On Tuesday 12th March the higher level Pig Breeding management and organisation course students practised the calibration process on a phytosanitary (pesticide spraying) machine. What's more, the students could evaluate the different elements involved in a technical inspection and they also measured dust quality with ultra-sensitive paper. We would like to thank Mr Joan Solà for his help and the use of his machine.

08/03/2013 -

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06/03/2013 -

06/03/2013 - Study Visit to the Artiga Farm

Study Visit to the Artiga Farm

This week we have taken the first year medium-level Pig Breeding and Production course students to Artiga Farm, owned by the Boada-Porcel company. It is a 250 sow, closed cycle farm located in Seva. The visit gave students the chance to brush up on the subjects tackled in the pig production study plan.

04/03/2013 - Technical day: Is it possible to increase profit on a livestock farm?

Technical day: Is it possible to increase profit on a livestock farm?

On the next technical day on the 13th March we will deal with feeding, reproduction and handling themes, while still focusing on the prime objectives; reducing costs and maximising profits in a rational and practical way. The day will be led by the qualified vet, Mr Ramon Bach, and will last from 09.00 to 18.00. The day is open to all members of the public, the inscription process to attend concludes on the 11th March. Please call 938502441.

28/02/2013 - Study visit to the Camprodon voluntary firemen park

 Study visit to the Camprodon voluntary firemen park

Last Thursday, 28th February, the first-year forestry and environmental conservation student group visited the Camprodon voluntary firemen park. On the visit Mr Francesc Carola, park-head, explained how the site functioned. We were able to see first-hand the equipment on board a fire engine and the latest facilities at the park. We also learnt what really pushes someone to give up their free time to voluntary work. Outings like this not only motivate our students professionally but can also stir that feeling of solidarity that we all harbour within us.

26/02/2013 - Work practise with the students from the second-year forestry and environmental conservation course

Work practise with the students from the second-year forestry and environmental conservation course

The week which included the days from the 25th to 28th February proved to be the coldest of the winter so far. The students from the above course went on an outing to cut beech trees at Vidrà. On the way to the site the school van's thermometer marked minus 8 Celsius, while snow fell as we worked on the trees - conditions to be compared to those experienced by a work gang on a gulag in Siberia. Despite this all the team did their best to keep warm and carried on with the work, cutting in a selective process to leave the forest in optimum conditions. Some specimens were up to 45 to 50 cm in diameter! All in all, we enjoyed the experience; learning that advice, sacrifice, effort.

22/02/2013 - A day of sowing

A day of sowing

On the 21st February we did some sowing on a part of experimental land. The students from the second-year medium level pig farm production course carried out the sowing process with three varieties of barley; Graphic, Gustav and Gaelic, using different doses too. This was after having studied sowing types, the practical side of the process and its regulations in class. The doses used were; 117 kilos/Ha, 170 kilos/Ha and 230 kilos/Ha. Using these quantities it will be possible to see the harvest results with small, medium and large amounts of seeds. Now it just has to rain and we'll wait to see the results.

21/02/2013 - Start of technical courses 2013

Start of technical courses 2013

We would like to introduce to you this year's technical courses within the forestry, gardening and farming sector for people connected to these fields, whether it is in an amateur or professional capacity.

PDF file:

19/02/2013 - A visit to ´La Caseta d'en Grau`

A visit to ´La Caseta d'en Grau`

On the 19th February the first-year higher level pig farming management and organisation course students visited the ´Caseta d'en Grau` farm in the Calldetenes area. The farm head, Mr Pere Colom, explained the different sides of the company; those involving crop growing, cows, pig production, animal feed production, its facilities for manure treatment and other ongoing projects, like the one related to solar panel produced electricity and another concerning the commercialisation of the farm's produce.
Thanks to this visit, our students were able to see at first hand the day-to-day running of the business, the results of many years of dedication to various projects and the vision needed to continue developing and working in new areas.

19/02/2013 - Study visit to Oliveres farm

Study visit to Oliveres farm

On Tuesday, 19th February, we visited the Oliveres farm, a hen-egg production farm adapted to
cater for animal welfare. The farm was located in Fals, in the Bages county, and produces four million eggs a year for consumption, selling directly to the public. Our students from the second year medium level course group had the chance to see, and learn at first hand, all about the farm's new style enclosures. This was all thanks to the kindness of the owner and father of an ex-Quintanes student, Joan Clotet.

19/02/2013 - Study visit to Mas Miralles

Study visit to Mas Miralles

Mas Miralles is a chick-rearing production farm found in Rajadell. The visit was guided by Josep Maria Puig, the farm owner, who led the second-year medium level students around the two enclosures, with thirty thousand chicks in each. Both are equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the welfare and well-being of the animals. It should be said that the visit was benefited by the fact that the owners belong to the immense Quintanes family group.

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