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+ info: http://www.calbernadas.com

29/05/2013 - XII Inter-county herbacious crop information day

XII Inter-county herbacious crop information day

On the 29th May the school took part in the above-mentioned information day, with participation from the medium-level pig breeding course students, which took place at the IRTA's experimentation fields at Mas el Jovell in Gurb. On the day participants learned about;Advancements in the field of wheat vegetation.

New varieties of barley.

Identification of diseases in wheat and barley.

Fertilisation methods to produce high quality wheat.

Production of local-made bread types, like Xeixa and Forment.

+ info: http://www.irta.cat/es-es/RIT/Noticies/paginas/Jornada_intercomarcal_cultius_herbacis.aspx

23/05/2013 -

+ info: https://sites.google.com/site/aerosystemroti/

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+ info: http://www.lariera.cat/

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14/05/2013 - Second Year Gardening Course trip to Tuscany

Second Year Gardening Course trip to Tuscany

In the second half of May the medium level, second year gardening students went on a study visit to Tuscany; a beautiful region, especially in the spring time. This was one of the reasons we decided to travel to this area, as well as to enjoy the cultural and artistic joys of Florence. We also enjoyed the landscape and gardens of Bomazo and Prato, the business-world aspects of Pistoia and in questions of tradition and customs, the city of Perugia. On the trip we also learned a great deal about the beginnings of Italian gardening during the Renaissance period and its later development. We certainly feel proud to make up what constitutes the continuation of Mediterranean gardening.

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