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31/01/2013 - Study trip to the Parcs i Jardins company (Rubi)

Study trip to the Parcs i Jardins company (Rubi)

The previous 31st of January the 1st year CFGM Gardening course students visited the Parcs i Jardins de Catalunya company, responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of green areas in Rubí, as well as other towns. The company's directors explained how they managed staff and advised the students on how to go about looking for a job in the sector. Afterwards, they were shown how the company recycled vegetative waste, given the fact that it holds the ISO 9001 quality control and 14001 environmental management systems certificates.

+ info: http://www.parcsijardinscatalunya.com/

24/01/2013 - AGS Course Trip

AGS Course Trip

The AGS student group left for London on the 24th of January and returned on the 27th. The group was based in the centre of London and the students did two activities in pairs to practise their English. Visits were also made to Hyde Park, Regent's Park, the Natural History Museum, Camden and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

23/01/2013 - Pruning at Sant Pere Pescador

Pruning at Sant Pere Pescador

The second year course of mid-level agrarian studies had a day of apple tree and peach tree pruning in the town of Sant Pere Pescador. Fruit-tree head, Mr Josep Font, explained the reasons behind pruning, types of pruning, current markets (fruit commerce), pruning equipment and technics. Afterwards, students working in pairs put into practise what they had learnt.

23/01/2013 - Study visit to Mas La Torra

Study visit to Mas La Torra

On the 23rd January students from the second year, medium-level pig breeding production course made a study visit at Mas La Torra, a farm which breeds the Bruna dels Pirineus cow species in Olost.

Head of the farm, Mr Josep Altarriba, explained the different aspects of the site's day to day work. He also showed the students where the animals are kept and other facilities, as well as the cows and calves themselves.

15/01/2013 - Work experience in Ogassa with the foresters

Work experience in Ogassa with the foresters

On the 15th of January we went to do work experience with the forestry students in a forest near Ogassa. An agreement had been made with the ´Consorci del Ripollès CEINR`.

+ info: http://ceinr.cat/

11/01/2013 - Study trip to the Prat and Costa Brava golf courses

Study trip to the Prat and Costa Brava golf courses

The higher-level students, within the ´watering systems` subject area, have worked on watering system management and materials as part of the Study Plan process. Among the various activities carried out was a technical visit to two golf courses: Real Club de Golf el Prat and Camp de Golf Costa Brava. During these visits students were very well looked after by watering technicians and greenkeepers: Mr Gonzalo, of Prat and Mr Farré, of the Costa Brava.

+ info: http://www.aegreenkeepers.com

10/01/2013 - Mas El Puig Study Visit

Mas El Puig Study Visit

This week we visited Can Puig, a cow farm found in Masies de Voltregà. One of its main characteristics and one of the reasons for the visit is its rotative milking area. Ex-student Pere Font, owner of the farm, explained the workings of the facilities and the food necessary to produce good quality milk in cows.

10/01/2013 - Study visit to Can Corretja

Study visit to Can Corretja

Because this fortnight we prepared the Animal Welfare study plan we paid a visit to Can Corretja. Mr Esteve Prat, one of the firm's owners, gave us a very interesting talk about the workings of the electronic feeding system.

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