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Course Maintenance and chainsaw bucking techniques, basic techniques and logging.
ECC Level 1 and Level 2

Schedule and place

Properament. (35 hours)

Mas Quintanes


This unit is designed as an introductory level for chainsaw users; basic issues of health and safety of the operator, maintenance and routine inspection of the chainsaw, chopping small diameter wood and the safe use of tools to aid the lifting, handling and stacking wood. And felling small & leaning trees using a range of techniques, taking down hung-up trees using hand tools, removing branches using a number of techniques; downing trees hung using hand tools.

Course Maintenance and chainsaw bucking techniques, basic techniques and logging.<br>ECC Level 1 and Level 2


Helmet with visual and hearing protection
Safety glasses
Cut-resistant pants
Cut-resistant boots
Personal medical kit

Attendance Certificate

Implementacion course of 100% is mandatory to obtain the certificate.
Certificate issued by EFA Quintanes School.


Course price: 390€ (10% discount for Quintanes ex-students).
Exams cost:
ECC1: 155€.
ECC2: 250€.
ECC1 + ECC2: 350€.